KPMG Australia

Corporate Citizenship Report 2011
AGENCY:Generation Alliance
PROJECT:Corporate Citizenship Report 2011
MY ROLE:Strategic Communications Consultant, Writer & Editor
SECTOR:Financial Services / Corporate Social Responsibility

The Client

With an aspiration to be the best firm to work with – for its people, clients and communities – KPMG sees a direct connection between good business and better lives. To this end, KPMG’s approach to Corporate Citizenship is founded on the belief that business has a distinct and vital role to play in helping solve important social and environmental issues. Underpinned by a commitment to both people and planet, KPMG Australia has invested the professional skills and capacity of its employees to help change things for the better for Indigenous Australians, the communities they live and work in, the environment and KPMG’s own people.

My Role

Working closely with the team at Gen.a and KPMG, my role on the project included:

  • Stakeholder research and interviews
  • Case study development
  • Storyline / narrative development for the Citizenship ‘story’ and Report
  • Content planning, writing and editing support on the Citizenship Report
  • Project management (working with Gen.a’s strategy and design teams to deliver the full project and Report)

About the Project

In 2011, Generation Alliance (Gen.a) worked with KPMG’s Citizenship Advisory Board and senior management to define and better communicate its story linked to the KPMG brand. Whilst KMPG’s corporate citizenship strategy has the genuine support and commitment of senior management, the challenge for the Corporate Citizenship team was how to more effectively engage both internal and external audiences.

Our goal was then to tell KPMG’s Corporate Citizenship story in a way that celebrated the impact of their work on the people, communities and organisations they work with. So we used their words to help tell KPMG’s story from a new perspective – with real experiences, real people, real stories about real impact. In essence it was about ‘The Sum of Us’, resulting in the publishing of the company’s first Corporate Citizenship report in 2011.

Freelance Writer KPMG Australia Corporate Citizenship Report 2011
Freelance Writer KPMG Australia Corporate Citizenship Report 2011
Freelance Writer KPMG Australia Corporate Citizenship Report 2011