Pacific Women in Business

CLIENT:Australian Government (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and Westpac Australia
AGENCY:Generation Alliance
PROJECT:Pacific Women in Business
MY ROLE:Senior Writer & Editor
SECTOR:International Aid & Development / Women’s Empowerment

The Client

As part of its foreign aid program, the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) worked with Westpac to set up Pacific Women in Business as an online resource to support women who are starting or running businesses in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and across the Pacific Islands.

About the Project

Across the Pacific Islands there are savvy women with great commercial ideas dreaming about starting a business and others already running small, but successful enterprises in villages and urban centres.

But it’s often hard for women in the Pacific to find information on how to get started or expand their business, and even harder to find other businesswomen to talk with – especially those who live outside a main town centre. That’s why, DFAT and Westpac decided to create the Pacific Women in Business online platform.

Designed to be a one-stop-shop for information and resources on all aspects of business and entrepreneurship – from how to register a company name, to information on finding and securing finance – the website is also a place for business women in the Pacific to be inspired by the successes of others and learn from the mistakes that entrepreneurs inevitably make, and the obstacles they encounter along their business journey.

My Role

Through previous work with Pacific Islands Trade & Invest, DFAT engaged Generation Alliance (Gen.a) Gen.a to oversee the creation of content for the website. As Gen.a’s Communications Director and Senior Writer, I was responsible for:

  • Research, writing and editing of content
  • Liaising with DFAT and Westpac’s key contacts and strategic partners in the region
  • Briefing and liaison with the website developers, Crea8ive
  • On-going strategic advice on website refinement and communications strategy
  • Account service / project management
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