Sacred Women’s Business

PROJECT:Sacred Women’s Business
MY ROLE:Founder, Publisher & Producer
DATE:Launched in 2015
SECTOR:Media & Publishing

About the Project

Inspired by the combination of my passion for people’s stories, travel and exploring ancient traditions, cultures and rituals, in 2015 I launched Sacred Women’s Business as an online platform for exploring Feminine spirituality.

The website includes a podcast series, articles and directory of unique travel experiences, events and workshops for women interested in personal development, ‘Spiritual Feminism’, holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, feminist literature, ancient cultures and travel.

My Role

As the founder and publisher of the platform, my role includes:

  • Researching and writing blog posts and articles
  • Sourcing, researching and interviewing podcast guests
  • Editing articles by guest contributors
  • Posting articles and feeds to social media platforms
  • Briefing audio engineers, web developers, graphic designers and administrative support.
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